+ Is one photographer enough?

For weddings -
Weddings are usually some of the most hectic events you will ever experience. Likewise on your big day, having 2 photographers enables us to capture all the special moments happening around you simultaneously (for e.g. front/back view, bride/groom etc).

For events -
Having 2 or more photographers enables us to capture more angles and moments while we each focuses on specific roles. (For e.g. stage/main area coverage and audiences.) This will result in more dynamic and compelling images as compared to a single person.

3 professionals will be ideal if there are media interviews, exhibition / booths or separate close door events are involved during the event.

In any case -
One professional will still do the job as stated but there will bound to be lost moments (since we have not mastered the art of being in multiple places at a time).

Talk to us to see what is the best fit.

+ Why don't I just take my own photos?

Sure you can. But the results will almost always be drastically different.

There're those you take on your own, those taken by other photographers ... and then there're those taken by us.

Hiring a team who actually know what they're doing to capture priceless moments makes all the difference since a well-taken picture tells a thousand words.

Our clients love us for understanding their needs and tailoring solutions for results in their favour.

+ Why aren't you the cheapest?

We've heard and seen more than enough horror stories from customers who switch to us from other photographers, and they vouch time and again that "you get what you pay for".

Price is arbitrary and value is fundamental. Indeed, we aren't the cheapest, because we know the value of our work.

Our customers always come back to show their appreciation for the quality of the work we do. So we take pride in giving you no less than our best too.

+ What are your packages like?

Our standard package ranges between $500 to $3000 depending on what is required. It is only after a meet up when we will have a clearer understanding and provide the best recommendations to you.

+ Are meet ups necessary?

Trust the process. You'll look back & be relieved you did a meet up.

Having an actual conversation allows us to:
A. Introduce ourselves to you and allow you the opportunity to get to know who you are working with;
B. Understand your needs as a client;
C. Hear your requirements and cater to your needs;
D. Propose suitable solutions accordingly.

And no, we're not arm-twisting thugs. If we're not a fit, we're not a fit. We can part ways as friends.

But if there's a spark, you'll know right away that you're onto something good ;)